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Is it Necessary to Hire a Professional for Camera Doorbell Installation?

As the trend of smart homes surges, many of us are looking to replace our traditional doorbells with high-tech camera doorbells. The good news is, you're in the right place.

In this comprehensive article, we explore the complexities of camera doorbell installation, their intricate parts, and how to maintain them yourself.

Most importantly, we delve into the question dominating most homeowners’ minds – should you save a few bucks on a professional electrician and install the camera doorbell yourself, or is the assistance of a professional indispensable?

What is a Camera Doorbell?

A camera doorbell, often referred to as a video doorbell, is a device that combines the simple utility of a doorbell with advanced security features.

It not only allows you to hear the classic “ding-dong” sound when someone is at your door but also enables you to see and often speak to the visitor via a connected phone. Many Aussies are opting for this combination of front door security and convenience.

Products like the Ring Video Doorbell have garnered attention worldwide, thanks to their advanced features and accessible user interface. Whether battery-powered or wired to an existing doorbell system, these doorbell cameras enhance your home security measures.

camera doorbell installation

Installation and Maintenance – A Quick Run-Through

Installing a camera doorbell requires significant attention to detail due to the technical complexities involved. The process includes managing multiple sensitive components, such as doorbell wires, a mounting bracket, and security screws. Each of these performs a unique role and has specific installation requirements.

For example, taking the Ring Doorbell into account, the mounting bracket connects to the existing doorbell wires, which then need to align precisely with tiny terminals on the bracket. Following this step, the doorbell is affixed to the wall using customised security screws.

After installation, maintaining the doorbell camera becomes a pivotal aspect of ensuring efficiency. Regularly monitoring the battery life and adjusting the video recording length and motion sensitivity settings, as per the options provided in the app, are a must. Given these complexities, professional assistance for installation and maintenance is recommended, if not essential.

Should You Hire a Qualified Electrician for the Job?

Hiring a qualified electrician is crucial for the installation and maintenance of a doorbell camera, given their ability to safely and efficiently manage complex tasks.

Tasks could involve handling the doorbell wires without causing electrical faults or damage to other devices, or directly connecting devices such as the Ring Doorbell’s chime box to the transformer. Furthermore, an electrician ensures that the existing wiring can supply enough power for a wired doorbell camera and can replace an old doorbell button or install a new transformer if required.

The electrician’s expertise is also essential for maintaining the doorbell system. They understand the different care required for models such as Ring Video Doorbell Wired compared to battery-powered models.

Additionally, living in a rental property could entail specific installation rules that electricians would be aware of. Despite some consumer reports suggesting that doorbell devices like Ring are easy to install and use, a professional touch can prevent potential complications.

camera doorbell installation

Keeping Your Camera Doorbell Healthy

Maintaining your camera doorbell’s health guarantees its longevity and performance over time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help keep your doorbell camera performing in tip-top shape:

  • Regular cleaning: The outdoor setting for camera doorbells exposes them to dust, dirt, and, more adversely, fluctuating weather conditions. A regular cleaning routine goes a long way in keeping your video doorbell camera lens clean and ensuring the video footage remains clear. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the lens and surface gently.
  • Monitor battery status: Regularly check the battery life of your device and replace or recharge it when necessary, depending on your device’s design. Prolonged use of a low-powered battery can affect the efficiency and lifespan of your video doorbell.
  • Update the firmware: Doorbell cameras, like the Ring Doorbell, frequently receive firmware updates. These updates aim to smooth out any bugs and provide newer features to keep your device updated. Make sure your video doorbell is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and consistently check for updates.
  • Ensure proper installation: Regularly inspect the physical state of your video doorbell. Make sure your camera doorbell is securely fastened to its mounting bracket and there is no seeping water into the connections or battery compartments.
  • Maintain Wi-Fi connection: Make sure your Wi-Fi speed is adequate for your device to properly function. Additionally, consider the location of the router to ensure a quality signal.
  • Regularly check the motion sensitivity: The motion sensitivity setting on your video doorbell helps manage the alerts you receive. Make sure it’s tuned to match your home’s front-door activity level. A well-calibrated motion sensitivity level helps avoid unnecessary activation of the recording function, thus conserving your device’s battery life.

With preventive and proactive care involving regular cleaning, keeping the product’s cameras and lens free of debris and dust, timely software updates, and essential battery management, one can ensure the healthy and extended functioning of the camera doorbell. The trick lies in routine checks and maintenance, making your video doorbell a worthy investment for the long run.

A Step Ahead of Home Security

Doorbells have come a long way from merely functional “ding-dong” devices to advanced security apparatus. And in this evolution, the installation process has also become a task best suited to professionals.

Whether it’s installing a new doorbell or replacing an existing doorbell button, a professional touch not only ensures immediate operationality but also prolongs the doorbell’s life and efficiency. So, for your doorbell camera installation, trust the expertise of a qualified electrician.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.